Sunday, June 14, 2009


I had a wonderful time worshiping you tonight. Like a homecoming. I remember yesterday, folding clothes and listening to music and just relishing the fact that you were with me during the boring chore of folding the mountain of clothes consuming my bed. My heart soared and my spirit took flight.

Awe, but tonight when I joined several other believers and friends to make beautiful music in your honor, that was the best thing ever. I am so excited to be in love with you. It’s like nuzzling your neck as I lay my head on your shoulder and feeling you caress my hair and kiss my cheek. No worries, no searching for something that’s missing, just pure togetherness.

Complete rest like lying on your back in the tall green grass in the cool of the day – contentment.

I know there are many hurting and confused people who are searching for answers to the problems that are plaguing them. My heart aches for them during their troubled times. Help me Father, to walk beside them and remind them to look to you each time something bad happens, for you are able to deliver those who call upon your name.

Your yoke IS easy and your burden IS light. (Matthew 11:30) You also always have room for our cares. (1 Peter 5:7)

Thanks for a great time, Papa God.
Your daughter

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