Sunday, July 5, 2009


Do you have a BFF? Translation: Best Friend Forever. If you've ever had one in your lifetime, then you know how "into" each other you were. You knew everything there was to know about that person. This week when I read through Psalm 37, again, it reminded me of another scripture I had read and heard used recently. John 15.

Psalm 37:39-40 reminds me that my salvation comes from the Lord, he is my stronghold in times of trouble and will deliver and save me. Just like the best friend who stuck by you during tough times in school or even now in adulthood. John 15:13 talks about a best friend. A friend who loves you so much he is willing to die for you. Are you willing to die for your friends?

Jesus told his disciples in John 15:14, and this applies to us today, he no longer calls them (or us) servants, but friends, because he wants us to know everything there is to know about Him. Jesus wants to be your BFF! How cool is that! The greatest person who ever lived who was part God and part man, wants to be your Best Friend Forever!

Will you accept his offer and take time to know him inside and out? Psalm 37:4 says "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." John 15:4 says that keeping God's commands means our joy will be full and we are a friend of Christ. I don't know about you, but I could really use a cool friend of God to be my BFF.

I started this friendship about 33 years ago. My relationship with Jesus keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. He has ALWAYS been there for me and has NEVER left me stranded during a tough situation. In fact, it was always during my toughest times in life (big life decisions, death of my mother, adoption of my first child and birth of my second child) that Jesus was right by myside helping me to make it through the crisis or struggle. He was also there to share in my joys.

The best part about having Jesus as your BFF, is that he is capable of having more than one BFF. Do you need and/or want a BFF. Jesus is available!

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