Sunday, July 12, 2009


If you have a teenager, then you may be familiar with the "teen tantrum" experience. Your teenager asks for your permission to either buy something or go somewhere (usually with friends) and as a loving parent, much wiser than your offspring, you deny the request. Then as if they didn't hear you the first time, they ask again, and again, and again, and again. Ignoring them isn't working, so you retaliate with the loss of privileges. This usually stops the immediate broken record, but it is quickly replace by the "parent hates teen" and "You just don't respect me!" or "Why do you always treat me like a baby?" accusations designed to make you feel like a worm. When this doesn't work (because you know better) then they either storm away and slam the door behind them or they surrender and give you the silent treatment. Either way, you, the parent finally gets some peace and quiet, until they think of another angle to try on you.

When my son, of 13 years, cycles through this tantrum repertoire, I actually experience disgust...not towards my son (OK maybe a little!) but I have recently learned that my feelings toward his behavior reminds me of MY behavior toward MY Heavenly Father. I complain about uncomfortable situations I find myself in. I ask for what seems to be a reasonable request only to be denied. Then I find myself questioning God's judgment. I get upset at God when really bad things happen to my friends who are living their lives according to God's plan.

This past week, I had a heated conversation with God about something He wants me to do that I don't want to do. However, I know in my heart, that this is the right thing TO DO. I don't want to respect and honor someone who has wronged me and let me down. Yet God is commanding me to do just that. Psalm 37 several times, reminds us that those who prosper in evil will not succeed in the long run. In fact, God's people are protected and will prosper in the end...whenever that is. Maybe on earth or up in heaven. God would want us to be patient and wait on him.

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