Saturday, December 26, 2009


What is your favorite Christmas song? Mine has to be "Mary Did You Know?" I love the perspective it brings to the reality of not just having a baby, but having God's baby! My favorite phrase in the song is, "Mary did you know, when you kissed his face, you kissed the face of God?" What an honor to have had. To be holding this tiny baby so dependent upon others to care for him and know that you must depend solely on him for redemption with God.

Recently, I heard an episode of "Down Gilead Lane" on the radio where they told the story of Jesus' birth through the eyes of a 14 year old girl...Mary's perspective. I encourage you to check out this link and go listen to the show. If you aren't interested in the whole episode, then just go near the end of the program and listen to the story the 14 year old female character writes about how Mary must of have felt. It is well worth you time. If you are a softie like me, you might grab a few'll need them. Go to this web site click on "episodes" and look for FROM MARY WITH LOVE.

No matter what perspective you look at Jesus' birth, I hope you will look at it and consider it's importance. God chose to take 76 generations (through Mary's linage) of people to bring his son into the picture so that we might have eternal life and enjoy restored fellowship with our creator. God is patient and is waiting for all of his children to return to Him; however, he won't wait forever. What are you doing today to claim that promised forgiveness and restored fellowship with God? If you have claimed it for yourself, what are you doing to help others claim it? What are you doing to live out your faith and belief in God?

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